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Land use change in Costa Rica: 1966-2006

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Joyce, Armond T. Land use change in Costa Rica / Armond I. Joyce.-- 1a. ed. -- San José, Costa Rica : Litografía e Imprenta LIL, S.A. 2006. 276 p. , 210 x 280 mm. ISBN 9977-47-360-9 Contiene un CDLand use change in Costa Rica / Armond T. Joyce, Ph.D. - 1a. ed. -- San José, Costa Rica: printed by LIL, S.A., San Jose, 2006, 276 p., 210 x 280 mm. ISBN 9977-47-360-9. Aerial photography from 1966 together with the field observations in 1966-1968 was the base for monitoring land use change on 46 study sites representing the various life zones in Costa Rica. An area of 10 square kilometers was monitored for each of the study sites through 2006 by means of field observations and imagery acquired by both aircraft and satellites. Land use change is documented by region in five tables showing changes for ten year increments. The book also documents the relationship between land use change and social, economic, and political factors. A CD is included with the book to update land use change based on field observations during 2009 related to economic factors and government programs. The CD also contains image pairs that can be enlarged to show land use changes for the study sites and maps of “undisturbed” forest derived from satellite data for the entire country. Ground photography documents crops, forest vegetation and other uses of land.